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Rejuvenation and self care for a pregnant or postpartum woman is personal and we’ve got you covered!

Music City Doulas boasts two experienced prenatal & postnatal yoga instructors to guide you in connecting with your body and your baby, with grace during your transition to parenthood.

Private sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own home, where we will work with you on reducing stress, strengthening key muscles for childbirth and recovery, and providing tools to encourage relaxation through breath work or meditation. In our postnatal classes, you can expect a gentle transition back to your normal fitness regimen. We will work on rebuilding the pelvic floor, repairing abdominal separation, and opening the shoulders and upper back.

Incorporating your baby into your sessions adds for an amazing bonding experience.

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Nashville Postpartum Belly Binding

Belly Binding

Belly Binding is a Malaysian method of wrapping the abdomen during the postpartum time, from just above the hips, up over the ribcage.

This encourages the bones to shift back to pre-pregnancy size and can help heal abdominal separation, which commonly occurs during pregnancy.

This counter pressure can also relieve back pain and support the womb after birth. Additionally, binding encourages optimal posture and spinal alignment.

Binding is typically done within the first 2-3 days post vaginal birth or 6-10 weeks following a cesarean birth, in order to allow the incision time to breathe and heal.

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