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Baby Sleep Myths: What You’ve Probably Been Told That You Can Ignore

There are many myths and widely shared misunderstandings about baby and toddler sleep, but I run across a select three the most when I am working with new families. No matter your style of parenting, knowing the answers to these three misconceptions will help your baby and your family in your earliest years together.

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Preventing Nipple Confusion

Most parents would like some flexibility in how they feed their baby. Being able to leave pumped milk or formula with another caregiver or co-parent so that they can leave without worrying about their baby’s nutrition is a necessary part of most women and lactating parents’ lives. But many parents are worried that their child will refuse to nurse after being introduced to a bottle.

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5 Tips For an Easier Bedtime

Bedtime at its best means a sweet ending to your day with your baby, and an hour or two for self care or time with your partner before going to sleep. Bedtime with a baby at its worst can be a time of dread and the beginning of a long night of struggle and sleeplessness.

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4 Ways Dads Can Bond With Their Newborns That Don’t Involve Changing Diapers

When preparing dads and partners for welcoming their baby, one of the most common concerns I hear is that they don’t know how they will be involved in the first few weeks of their babies’ lives, and are anticipating feeling left out. They are also worried about their wives and partners being stretched thin and exhausted while breastfeeding or pumping all hours of the day and night. I love that fathers and partners more than ever want to be a part of the caregiving process. Here are some of my most suggested options:


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When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

“When will my baby sleep through the night?”


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a definitive answer to that question? There’s a reason why sleep deprivation is a utilized method of torture. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation put parents at higher risk for postpartum mood disorders, conflict in relationships, sickness, and poorer quality of life. A sleep deprived baby is at risk for negative impact to their cognitive development and their overall health. Everyone needs sleep.

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Best Night Nannies and Baby Nurses in Nashville

You heard you would be tired after you had your baby. But maybe the depth and intensity behind that word tired didn’t sink in. There’s nothing like the exhaustion that comes after giving birth and then caring for a newborn that doesn’t sleep on an adult schedule.

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5 Things I Know About Sleep Training

Sleep Training: Do you know anyone who has done it with their children? You may have a noticeable reaction when you hear the term. For some, the term “sleep training” immediately makes them think of “cry it out” methods that involve leaving a baby unattended for hours, crying until they are purple in the face and passing out from exhaustion. That sounds scary, and indeed cruel.

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When Will I Lose the Baby Weight?

Body after baby: a sensitive, highly personal, yet sensationalized subject. We are inundated by stories and images of celebrities shrinking rapidly weeks after birth, and whether we aspire to the set standard or not, the pressure to erase all evidence of baby can seep in.

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