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Baby Sleep Myths: What You’ve Probably Been Told That You Can Ignore

There are many myths and widely shared misunderstandings about baby and toddler sleep, but I run across a select three the most when I am working with new families. No matter your style of parenting, knowing the answers to these three misconceptions will help your baby and your family in your earliest years together.

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5 Tips For an Easier Bedtime

Bedtime at its best means a sweet ending to your day with your baby, and an hour or two for self care or time with your partner before going to sleep. Bedtime with a baby at its worst can be a time of dread and the beginning of a long night of struggle and sleeplessness.

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When Will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

“When will my baby sleep through the night?”


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a definitive answer to that question? There’s a reason why sleep deprivation is a utilized method of torture. Exhaustion and sleep deprivation put parents at higher risk for postpartum mood disorders, conflict in relationships, sickness, and poorer quality of life. A sleep deprived baby is at risk for negative impact to their cognitive development and their overall health. Everyone needs sleep.

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5 Things I Know About Sleep Training

Sleep Training: Do you know anyone who has done it with their children? You may have a noticeable reaction when you hear the term. For some, the term “sleep training” immediately makes them think of “cry it out” methods that involve leaving a baby unattended for hours, crying until they are purple in the face and passing out from exhaustion. That sounds scary, and indeed cruel.

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