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Surviving Mastitis: What is it, How to Avoid it, How to Treat it

A common fear of prospective parents is mastitis. If you have ever had a friend get it, you know. Mastitis is an infection of the breast, caused by an inflammation of the breast. This can occur due clogged milk ducts or bacteria entering into the breast through cracked or damaged nipples. If you are planning to breastfeed and hope to avoid mastitis, there are a few simple things you must know.

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Breastfeeding: Treating Damaged Nipples

A fear for many breastfeeders is damaged nipples and pain while breastfeeding. For many years, it was recommended to ‘toughen up’ the nipples with a rough towel to prepare them for breastfeeding. It is now well known that this causes more harm than good and is completely unnecessary. If anyone tells you to do this, that advice is outdated and no longer best practice.

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Engorgement: Why Are My Breasts So Tight and Uncomfortable and What Do I Do About it?

Mother nature is often very kind to us when we first start breastfeeding and so, in the early days, we are often provided with way more breastmilk than our babies can eat. Your breasts have no idea yet whether you are feeding one baby, two babies, three, four, or more babies. This may cause your breasts to swell with much more milk than is being removed and get hard and uncomfortable, called engorgement.
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Breastmilk: Will I Have Enough?

If you are like 90% of other hopeful breastfeeders, you are probably worried about not having enough milk to breastfeed your baby successfully. You want breastfeeding to work, but you’ve never done it before and perhaps your mother and sisters never did either. You may even have friends who have told you about how they just didn’t have enough milk for their babies. As a lactation professional and doula, I often hear “If I can” as a response when asked if my clients are planning breastfeed.

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50 Shades of Breastmilk: What Color is Your Milk?

You’ve only exclusively breastfed your baby for months and it’s almost time to go back to work so you decide it’s time to start pumping to build your breastmilk stash. You pull out your insurance-provided pump you got all those months before. It’s the first time you’ve used it. You put all the parts together, bring the flanges to your breast, and turn the pump on for the first time. The pump gets to work and you start seeing milk dripping into the cups and it’s…green!

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Preventing Nipple Confusion

Most parents would like some flexibility in how they feed their baby. Being able to leave pumped milk or formula with another caregiver or co-parent so that they can leave without worrying about their baby’s nutrition is a necessary part of most women and lactating parents’ lives. But many parents are worried that their child will refuse to nurse after being introduced to a bottle.

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Boozing and Breastfeeding

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about drinking and breastfeeding, so much so that many nursing parents become overwhelmed and avoid alcohol completely or find themselves pumping and dumping. Neither of these courses of action are necessary if you and your baby are healthy and you are not experiencing discomfort or engorgement.

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Breastfeeding: What to Expect the First 3 Days

Each child has a different story, different birth, different journey, and different breastfeeding journey. Out of the hundreds of moms and babies I have helped, not one is alike.

Each day after your baby is born is a new challenge, but with these basics I hope to give you reassurance and the confidence to trust your body because the female body truly is incredible.

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When Breast Isn’t Best

Sometimes breastfeeding isn’t an option. With all that we know about the benefits of breastfeeding, it can be hard for some to understand why other parents don’t choose it.

Like many other parenting decisions, how you feed your baby is a very personal choice.

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