Breastfeeding  Blog Posts

Preventing Nipple Confusion

Most parents would like some flexibility in how they feed their baby. Being able to leave pumped milk or formula with another caregiver or co-parent so that they can leave without worrying about their baby’s nutrition is a necessary part of most women and lactating parents’ lives. But many parents are worried that their child will refuse to nurse after being introduced to a bottle.

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Boozing and Breastfeeding

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about drinking and breastfeeding, so much so that many nursing parents become overwhelmed and avoid alcohol completely or find themselves pumping and dumping. Neither of these courses of action are necessary if you and your baby are healthy and you are not experiencing discomfort or engorgement.

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Breastfeeding: What to Expect the First 3 Days

Each child has a different story, different birth, different journey, and different breastfeeding journey. Out of the hundreds of moms and babies I have helped, not one is alike.

Each day after your baby is born is a new challenge, but with these basics I hope to give you reassurance and the confidence to trust your body because the female body truly is incredible.

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When Breast Isn’t Best

Sometimes breastfeeding isn’t an option. With all that we know about the benefits of breastfeeding, it can be hard for some to understand why other parents don’t choose it.

Like many other parenting decisions, how you feed your baby is a very personal choice.

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