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5 Things You Should Never Say to a Cesarean Mom

Currently, 32.2% of pregnant people give birth by cesarean in the US. Cesareans save lives in emergency situations. However, when parents were not planning to give birth by cesarean, there can be sadness, anger, and disappointment. There are many ways to bring our children into the world and no matter how you welcome yours, chances are you will need to process and unpack the experience.

The chances are also great that many people you know have been brave enough to lay down their bodies for the birth of their children. You might wonder how you can best support them. Let’s start with what not to say.

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Doulas Are For Cesareans Too

People often say that they won’t have a use for a doula at their birth because they are having a cesarean. This notion is at times tied to a string of other ridiculous statements like in cesarean birth there are no choices, it’s the easy way out, or cesarean section doesn’t count as birth.

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