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New AAP Guidelines: How Am I Supposed To Sleep?

If you are a first time expecting parent, something you may not know is that many babies are noisy sleepers. They grunt and squeak and snuffle. Most parents keep their babies in the same room as them for the first few weeks, but that will be expanding to longer periods of time with the new additions to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for safe sleep. A common complaint I hear from parents is that every little peep from their newborn sets them on edge, and that even while their baby is sleeping they are frequently awakened by their noises and rushing over to make sure they are okay. This is part of why it is believed to be best to have your baby in the same room as you, but it is also a detriment to rest and recovery. So, how are you going to do this for six months to a year?

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This Just In: Alcohol Can Get You Pregnant

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement discouraging woman from drinking any amount of alcohol at all unless they are on birth control. Why? Just in case the woman is pregnant and doesn’t know it or that she may become pregnant and give her baby fetal alcohol syndrome.

I know a lot about pregnancy and birth, but I had no idea that alcohol consumption could make a baby! Who knew it was that easy to get pregnant! I certainly never learn that in my sex-ed classes in school!

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