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Labor Pain Management: Using a TENS Unit

If you are planning to have a natural delivery without pain medications, you are probably researching all the natural pain reliefs you can find. Maybe you’ve used a TENS unit before your pregnancy to help with various aches and pains or maybe you’ve never heard of one before now. Maybe you never even considered that a TENS unit could be used for labor.

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6 Better Questions to Ask a Doula in An Interview

For many of the people we serve, they know instantly that they would like to hire us, whether by that first phone conversation with us, email correspondence, or at the interview. A lot of people we work with don’t even interview multiple doulas because they trust the agency model and know that we will find them the perfect doula team for their individual needs. We also recognize that some people want to see what else is out there first before they make their final decision to hire us.

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Can My Husband Be My Doula?

“I want to be my wife’s main source of support when we have our baby.”

“I want my husband to be my doula and help me get through labor physically and emotionally.”

These are the things my partner and I said as we prepared for the birth of our baby, and things I hear from many others who are expecting.

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Your Best Vacation With Baby

You can still have your relaxing vacation after the arrival of your new addition, even with all the new daily tasks and details that come with having a little one. Did you think you needed to settle for staying home this summer? You don’t need to. Whether you are going to the lake, visiting the mountains, or traveling much farther, there’s a doula for that.

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The Agency Advantage

The doula agency concept is still relatively new. For years, doulas and their businesses have been one in the same, with the doula operating entirely on her own. If the doula is sick or out of town, the business shuts down. This was how we ran our businesses as well until we learned about the agency model and how it works. Why? Because it just makes sense – for the doulas and the clients and we decided that the city of Nashville needed an agency too, so Music City Doulas was born.

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World Doula Week: Gratitude For Those Who Came Before Us

The beginnings of doula work as we know it in the United States are closely tied to a movement started years ago to secure more options for women in labor.  Unfortunately this came with a fair amount of power struggle in the birth room and outside of it on behalf of the birthing individual.  There have been rallies for women’s rights to be active and consenting participants in the births of their children, documentaries about elevating standards of care for mothers, and fast spreading information about different birth philosophies that are readily available by the Internet.  All of these things have influenced policy makers.  They have also influenced women to shop for providers that best fit their preferences, which has gotten the attention of birthing facilities perhaps the most effectively.
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If Only I Had A Doula After My Linden Was Born.

While I had a faint idea of what a doula was, I thought they only assisted during the labor process. I never knew postpartum doulas were a thing. I shrugged off the idea of hiring our own doula during my pregnancy, and while I have no doubt our birth journey would have been impacted positively by the presence of a doula, I really could have used one in the days and weeks following Linden’s arrival.

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Birth Junkie

I am not a morning person by any means and am someone who normally requires 8 hours of sleep per night to be functional. When I get the call at 4:00 in the morning that a client is ready for me to join them during their labor, I am instantly awake and feel as though I got my full 8 hours of sleep, even if I only got 4 hours. Adrenaline and noradrenaline kick in to create readiness and to slow digestion, which is helpful because, as a birth worker, we don’t get many breaks to stop and eat.

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Why Do I Need Two Doulas?

For decades, doulas would operate as a solo practice, acting as the only doula for their clients.

The flaw in this method comes in when life happens, something comes up, and that doula is unable to attend the birth. The client has already become close with her doula and has shared her birth preferences with her. Many families choose a doula because they want a constant, known person to attend their birth. They want somebody they have formed a relationship with and who knows them and their birthing preferences.

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You Don’t Have Children, So You Wouldn’t Understand

Sometimes birth workers question the idea that anyone who hasn’t given birth could ever get into this career. I find this to be a ridiculous notion. Why would one need to give birth first in order to offer support to someone who is giving birth?

As if supporting others through their births is about us in any way at all.

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