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How to Rock Life with Baby

Bringing a new baby into your home is rarely ever a seamless transition. Laundry still needs to be done, dishes need to be washed, and bellies need to be fed. How can you ensure you don’t drown under the swaddles, diapers, and spit up? Systems!

“Organized” likely isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of life with a newborn, but a few simple steps could save you tons of time and sanity.

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Your Postpartum Body, Love, and Everyone Else

Many things change after you have a baby, including your body. Oh, the body after baby. We’re starting to talk about it more. I’d say that’s a good thing.

I love that more and more women are talking openly about their postpartum experience. The more we speak honestly about things in our lives that inspire shame or fear, the more we liberate ourselves and comfort others. It’s one way we can build a bridge.

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Motherhood ≠ Martyrdom

I’ve spent my life around mothers. Growing up I was consistently fascinated and yet repelled by motherhood as institution and experience. I noticed very early it’s multiple and conflicting representations: Motherhood is the completion and solidification of womanhood. Motherhood is the end of freedom and opportunity for self-actualization. Mothers are the root cause and responsible party for children’s problems and maladies. Good mothers are the picture of unyielding self-sacrifice, and responsible for all nurturing and love in the family. I take issue with most of the representations I’ve noticed throughout my life, because I’ve watched women struggle unnecessarily with what I believe to be unrealistic and unfair expectations.

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You Don’t Have To Savor Every Moment

It’s a widely accepted story that children are one of life’s biggest blessings. If you are a new parent, particularly a new mother, you may find this is the only narrative for your new life that others will want to acknowledge.

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Reconciling Motherhood and Myself

I was never sold on the idea of having kids.  In fact, I was terrified of being someone’s mother.  But, sometimes we eat our words and do things we said we never would.

If you need a huge dose of humility in your life, I highly recommend doing something you said you would never do, or becoming a parent.

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