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Gearing Up For Multiples: Out and About with Babies

The early weeks at home with your multiples will be a blur of feedings, diaper changes, and naps, along with attending to your own needs. Going out of the house with more than one baby may seem overwhelming, but the right gear will make it much easier to manage appointments, go shopping, or even take a walk in the neighborhood.

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Gearing Up for Multiples: Sleeping Arrangements

Newborns sleep a lot in the early weeks, usually in short stretches around the clock. Multiples are also more likely to be born premature, which means they may sleep even more during their first weeks at home. Many families ask if their twins can share a crib. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that the safest way for babies to sleep is alone, on their backs, in a crib, with no blankets or other objects — which means one crib per baby. Some families do make the decision to use one crib for their twins in the early weeks, with each baby swaddled and placed at opposite ends of the crib.

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Gearing Up for Multiples: Preparing your Space

Planning for a new baby means choosing gear and equipment to fit your home and lifestyle — like an infant carseat, stroller, and crib, along with a bassinet, swing, and bouncer. When you’re expecting twins, triplets, or higher order multiples, planning can become more complex. You may be wondering how to set-up your home and prepare for outings with two or more babies. Parents of multiples often ask, “Can twins share a crib? What type of stroller is best for twins? How many bassinets and swings will we need?” 

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