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4 Ways Dads Can Bond With Their Newborns That Don’t Involve Changing Diapers

When preparing dads and partners for welcoming their baby, one of the most common concerns I hear is that they don’t know how they will be involved in the first few weeks of their babies’ lives, and are anticipating feeling left out. They are also worried about their wives and partners being stretched thin and exhausted while breastfeeding or pumping all hours of the day and night. I love that fathers and partners more than ever want to be a part of the caregiving process. Here are some of my most suggested options:


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When Will I Lose the Baby Weight?

Body after baby: a sensitive, highly personal, yet sensationalized subject. We are inundated by stories and images of celebrities shrinking rapidly weeks after birth, and whether we aspire to the set standard or not, the pressure to erase all evidence of baby can seep in.

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5 Weird Things New Parents Do

If you don’t have friends who have had babies, I’m about to bless you with some insider facts. Parenthood will inevitably change you, which can be kind of scary. My good news is I like to think I’m so much less of a jerk, now. I knew everything before I had my son. I’ve also picked up some strange habits since his grand entrance. As I met other parents, and as I’ve worked with more and more families as their postpartum doula, I’ve been comforted to know that I am not the only one who has done these things.

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New AAP Guidelines: How Am I Supposed To Sleep?

If you are a first time expecting parent, something you may not know is that many babies are noisy sleepers. They grunt and squeak and snuffle. Most parents keep their babies in the same room as them for the first few weeks, but that will be expanding to longer periods of time with the new additions to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for safe sleep. A common complaint I hear from parents is that every little peep from their newborn sets them on edge, and that even while their baby is sleeping they are frequently awakened by their noises and rushing over to make sure they are okay. This is part of why it is believed to be best to have your baby in the same room as you, but it is also a detriment to rest and recovery. So, how are you going to do this for six months to a year?

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Recognizing the Signs of Postpartum Depression

For many families, the fear of developing a postpartum mood disorder is real. You may be shocked to hear that 85% of people experience some kind of postpartum mood disorder and that about 400,000 babies are born to women who are already depressed. These numbers are shocking simply because, as a society, we don’t talk enough about how common it is to go through these mood changes after giving birth, but instead expect women to bounce back, physically, mentally, and emotionally within days or weeks.

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How to Rock Life with Baby

Bringing a new baby into your home is rarely ever a seamless transition. Laundry still needs to be done, dishes need to be washed, and bellies need to be fed. How can you ensure you don’t drown under the swaddles, diapers, and spit up? Systems!

“Organized” likely isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of life with a newborn, but a few simple steps could save you tons of time and sanity.

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Your Best Vacation With Baby

You can still have your relaxing vacation after the arrival of your new addition, even with all the new daily tasks and details that come with having a little one. Did you think you needed to settle for staying home this summer? You don’t need to. Whether you are going to the lake, visiting the mountains, or traveling much farther, there’s a doula for that.

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Getting Out of the House After Having A Baby

After having a baby, making plans to get out of the house can seem daunting. For many Nashville moms, the immediate postpartum time can be challenging. The first couple of days after bringing your new baby home, your friends and family come and visit, but soon after, they are back to their own lives, caring for their own children, working, and enjoying their usual activities.

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My Baby Sleeps All Day and Parties All Night

Bringing home a new baby from the hospital can be both exciting and intimidating. She sleeps so peacefully during the day, looks adorable holding your finger so tightly, and is easily soothed and comforted, but turns into a completely different baby at night. Suddenly, it is as if this baby hates sleep!

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