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New AAP Guidelines: How Am I Supposed To Sleep?

If you are a first time expecting parent, something you may not know is that many babies are noisy sleepers. They grunt and squeak and snuffle. Most parents keep their babies in the same room as them for the first few weeks, but that will be expanding to longer periods of time with the new additions to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for safe sleep. A common complaint I hear from parents is that every little peep from their newborn sets them on edge, and that even while their baby is sleeping they are frequently awakened by their noises and rushing over to make sure they are okay. This is part of why it is believed to be best to have your baby in the same room as you, but it is also a detriment to rest and recovery. So, how are you going to do this for six months to a year?

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Recognizing the Signs of Postpartum Depression

For many families, the fear of developing a postpartum mood disorder is real. You may be shocked to hear that 85% of people experience some kind of postpartum mood disorder and that about 400,000 babies are born to women who are already depressed. These numbers are shocking simply because, as a society, we don’t talk enough about how common it is to go through these mood changes after giving birth, but instead expect women to bounce back, physically, mentally, and emotionally within days or weeks.

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Why is My Baby So Fussy All the Time?

Something I hear from postpartum families frequently is, “Why is my baby so fussy all of a sudden? She was doing so great for a while and now these past couple days she has been a totally different baby! I can’t figure it out!”

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How to Rock Life with Baby

Bringing a new baby into your home is rarely ever a seamless transition. Laundry still needs to be done, dishes need to be washed, and bellies need to be fed. How can you ensure you don’t drown under the swaddles, diapers, and spit up? Systems!

“Organized” likely isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of life with a newborn, but a few simple steps could save you tons of time and sanity.

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Is Placenta Encapsulation Really Worth Doing?

Humans are one of the only land mammals who do not consume the placenta after birth. Humans are also one of the only land mammals who experience issues with postpartum mood disorders and issues with having enough milk supply to feed our babies.

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Your Best Vacation With Baby

You can still have your relaxing vacation after the arrival of your new addition, even with all the new daily tasks and details that come with having a little one. Did you think you needed to settle for staying home this summer? You don’t need to. Whether you are going to the lake, visiting the mountains, or traveling much farther, there’s a doula for that.

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The Agency Advantage

The doula agency concept is still relatively new. For years, doulas and their businesses have been one in the same, with the doula operating entirely on her own. If the doula is sick or out of town, the business shuts down. This was how we ran our businesses as well until we learned about the agency model and how it works. Why? Because it just makes sense – for the doulas and the clients and we decided that the city of Nashville needed an agency too, so Music City Doulas was born.

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