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Easy and Delicious Pumpkin Cake Roll

Pumpkin spice is in the air this time of year it seems and do we have the perfect cure for those with pumpkin spice fever!

This easy and delicious pumpkin cake roll has been a wonderful past time for me for the past five years and I have had a great time making and perfecting this pumpkin roll recipe! It has now become a much appreciated family tradition during family and friends fall events. We are sure this roll would be a tasty center piece at any of your wonderful fall gatherings. We hope you enjoy!

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Recipe: Three-Cheese Manicotti

Even before Ashley became a vegetarian, every year on Christmas Eve growing up, she and her family would make and enjoy manicotti together. We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as she has.

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Recipe: Buttercream Chocolates


These buttercream chocolates never last long in Ashley’s home. Since she was a young girl, her mother used to make these chocolates over the holidays and they were always a family favorite. When Ashley moved to Thailand, she made these chocolates to share with students of hers at the school she taught English at. They are sweet and rich and hard to eat just one of. You can enjoy them plain or vary the flavor the centers.

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Recipe: Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies


As Ashley was growing up, her family enjoyed making these old-fashioned sugar cookies every holiday season. We hope your family will enjoy them as much as hers has. They are soft, fat, and oh so delicious.

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