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On Doula Sisterhood

A brief historic overview: In the early 1970s, feminist movement was picking up speed and fervor in the United States. During this time, women and some men organized in one another’s homes, often grouping together across lines of class, race, sexuality, and gender to share their experiences and confront their own conditioning to sexist thinking and behavior. These meetings were called consciousness-raising sessions, as those involved not only broadened their understanding of patriarchy, but were actively working to understand issues of intersectionality amongst themselves. They had a saying, “Sisterhood is powerful.” Sisterhood was built with deliberate work to understand not only the needs and challenges of women in similar situations to themselves, but the needs and challenges of women who traversed all walks of life.

Fast forward to today: Sisterhood in the public domain is a little scattered.  The word might make you think of sorority sisters, or nuns, or you might hear it casually used amongst friends or people of similar backgrounds.  But if you are a doula, you probably hear a lot more sisterhood talk than the average person.

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