Birth and Parenting Class Nashville

Birth & Parenting Classes

Balanced Birth

Childbirth Education Class

Birth is unpredictable and so is your schedule.

Birth classes with Music City Doulas are comprehensive and scheduled in your own home at a time that works best for you and your birth partner. Learn how the body prepares for birth, signs and stages of labor, medical and non-medical pain relief options, common medical interventions, writing a birth plan, and common newborn procedures after birth.

Our four-hour class is hands-on and interactive. You and your birth partner will get up and move around to practice hands-on comfort measures and positions for labor and birth.

A perfect choice for those planning to deliver at the hospital, a birth center, or in your own home!

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Bringing Home Baby

Newborn Care Class

If this is your first baby or you need a refresher on newborns, this class is for you. A two-hour comprehensive newborn care class taught by our Newborn Care Specialists and Childbirth Educators in the comfort of your own home. Learn about the realties of living with a newborn, safe baby sleep guidelines, and how to swaddle, feed, soothe, and diaper your baby.

Schedule your class during your pregnancy to practice on our doll, or schedule for after your baby is born to practice on your own baby!

During your time together, you will also learn about postpartum mood disorders and how the body changes after having a baby.

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Grandparents Class

You’ve already had your babies and now your babies are having babies. This two-hour comprehensive class will teach you everything you need to know about grandparenting today.

Learn the generational differences in parenting styles now and then, current trends and recommendations in pregnancy, birth, and parenting, and how you can best care for the new and growing family.

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