Placenta Capsules

Placenta Encapsulation

For a smoother postpartum experience

Our specialists practice by the highest safety standards in the industry and tailor this service to suit your preferences. Whether you want to take a tour of your placenta and learn all about the process or you just want to enjoy your specialist’s knowledge and expertise in postpartum wellness, you can take comfort in knowing that you chose a company that has left no safety stone unturned!

Music City Doulas provides you with everything you need for the encapsulation of your placenta. Upon contracting for this service, you will receive a placenta transport kit that meets the standards set forth by the World Health Organization. You will take your placenta home in this kit and our specialist will bring all of the equipment necessary to perform this service in the safety of your own home.

This service is exclusively done in your own home to ensure that you know without a doubt that the placenta is yours and that it has been handled with respect and care.

Our clients have reported a boost in breast milk production, increased mood and energy levels, a smoother hormonal adjustment and an improved overall postpartum recovery.

Upon completion of the process, your kitchen will be left in the condition it was found and your capsules, care instructions and suggested usage information will be ready and waiting for you.

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