Placenta Capsules

Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is a fascinating organ. During pregnancy, it serves to provide nutrients and oxygen to your baby. After your baby is born, you can reap the benefits for yourself through placenta encapsulation.

Potential Benefits include:

  • A boost in breastmilk supply
  • Improved postpartum mood
  • Increased levels of energy
  • A smoother hormonal adjustment from pregnancy to postpartum
  • An easier overall postpartum recovery

Placenta encapsulation is the process of turning the placenta into pills for postpartum consumption through steaming, dehydrating, and grinding into a fine powder. Over the last several years and hundreds of placentas processed, our clients have reported to us that they notice considerable differences in their postpartum recovery and mood between babies they did and did not encapsulate their placentas with, as well as day to day differences when they have forgotten to take their capsules.

Our specialists are all trained professionals, certified by OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens, Serv-Safe Food Safety, and adhere to the strictest safety and sanitization standards in the industry. You may be interested in being a part of the process by observing your specialist work or you may want her to work her magic discretely. Even family members often have no idea what is going on in the kitchen when our specialists work.

Upon completion of the process, your kitchen will be left in the condition it was found and a beautiful jar of capsules are left with a cord keepsake and suggested instructions for consumption.

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What our clients are saying:

“They made the whole process so easy I didn’t really worry about anything. They are professional and they left my kitchen in great condition and you didn’t even know they were there and all that was left was a sweet package with all the goodies. Ashley did great dealing with my tiny kitchen and a house full of people. Ashley was so great wish I could have watched the process more but I was really sick after I had my baby but I asked if they could take pics of my placenta because I really wanted to see what it looked like and they did. They are so kind and they actually care about you as a new mom. Ashley asked how I was doing a couple of days after. This is a great and trustworthy company to work with. I will for sure use them with all my babies.” – Amber, Smyrna

“Ashley and her team are prompt, thorough, knowledgeable and professional! Thank you Ashley for being so awesome and for answering all of our questions and showing us through the process!” – Amanda, White House

“Ashley was very professional and the product was created to my satisfaction. You are very professional and offer wonderful services!” – Leslie, Murfreesboro

“Kaelah was so fantastic! I was amazed to watch her transform my kitchen into a placenta work station, then back into my kitchen with flawless cleanliness. She was incredibly kind and super fun to talk to while she handled my placenta with care and shared her heart for mommas and for her work. While I could have had any number of people encapsulate for me, I am so glad to know that Kaelah truly poured her love into each capsule for me. These are extra special because she is super extra special! Thank you!” – Mary, Thompson Station

Frequently asked questions:

How long after the birth is the process started?

How quickly we get started depends entirely on your needs. For those who do not wish to see the process, we can begin as soon as a friend or family member is able to let us into your home. In this case, your capsules are often done before you even get discharged from the hospital so you can begin taking them as soon as possible. For those who want to watch and be a part of the process, we will schedule our start time for when you are released from the hospital.

How long does it take?

It takes a consecutive two days, with the first taking approximately one and a half hours and the second approximately an hour.

Where does the process take place?

For safety and sanitary reasons, the process takes place in your own home. This ensures that you are 100% sure that only one placenta is being worked on at the same time, are not introducing outside germs and bacteria to your placenta, and that the capsules you are consuming are your own and only your own. This way, you also get to see our sanitization procedures for yourself.

How do we get the placenta home from the hospital?

A few weeks before you are expected to deliver, you will receive a transport kit from us that includes a cooler and spill kit, along with detailed instructions. Keep it in your car until you have your baby. When your baby is born, the nurses will package your placenta either in biohazard bags or a plastic container and place it into the cooler for you with ice. A trusted family member or friend will bring it back to your house and put the entire cooler into the refrigerator until our scheduled time to encapsulate.

Does it smell?

For most healthy, non-smoking individuals, there shouldn’t be any noticeable smell. We steam your placenta over lemon and ginger for it’s tradition and antibacterial qualities, but it also helps to add a pleasant aroma.

Is there any flavor?

Most people don’t notice any taste in their capsules but for a very small percentage of individuals, there may be a slight aftertaste. Freezing your capsules will help to remove any aftertaste.

I am Group B Strep positive. Can I still encapsulate?

Yes! We process all placentas using the same universal precautions to kill Group B Strep bacteria (among others).

Placenta capsules have not been approved by the FDA and are not designed to treat or prevent any physical or mental disease, ailment or symptom.