Father and newborn baby

Newborn & Postpartum Care

Bringing a new baby home is an exciting and intimidating time for new parents. Music City Doulas wants you to find your rhythm as quickly as possible and our postpartum doulas are professionally trained to do just that!

Discovering your own parenting philosophies and being supported in them helps new parents gain confidence. Your doula will help you navigate the unpredictabilities that come with parenting a newborn.

Additionally Music City Doulas newborn care covers:

  • Support in feeding babies. Our doulas are experienced with all methods of feeding babies and have extensive training in breastfeeding
  • Encouragement of your own parenting style and helping you put systems in place to support it
  • Information with you on a variety of parenting choices including diapering, sleeping, and feeding methods
  • Care for your baby while you take a few moments for self-care which may include a shower, meal, or nap
  • Benefit of your doula’s warmth and encouragement, knowledge and resources through every part of your journey
  • Assistance caring for and affirming older siblings in their new roles as big brothers or sisters along with helping you balance time alone with older children, time alone with the new baby, and time all together as a growing family
  • Doulas that are trained to recognize normal postpartum recovery and encourage you to seek medical advice if things seem beyond what is normal
  • Meals and snack preparation, light housekeeping, and errand running
  • So much more!

Short term and long term care is available to your family during daytime hours, overnight hours or for temporary live in care.

Let Music City Doulas help with all of your newborn needs

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