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Dezaray Skalski


Birth Doula


Dezaray is a postpartum doula who supports her clients in any way possible. Her focus is on providing well-rounded, evidence-based care that aligns with the values of the family she is working with and leaves them feeling ready to start their new journey!

She began her training as a nanny of five years and a maternal mental health student. She has a degree in Early Childhood Psychology, which she uses to direct her care and lead her research. She has two years of study on attachment both of biological and adoptive parents, as well as extensive training in supporting traditionally oppressed populations. She is well-educated on health disparities and willing to advocate for her clients when they need it most.

Another one of Dezaray’s passions is supporting a wide range of clients. She works to provide gender-affirming care to those who fall on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, support those who are neurodivergent, and even works with an organization that assists parents ages 13-21 in the first steps of their journey. She is ENM aware and welcomes providing care to all alternative and ‘traditional’ family structures. In addition, she is passionate about supporting those who choose to place their little one up for adoption or choose to assist a family in having a child via being a surrogate. Her philosophy is that everyone deserves supportive postpartum care, no matter their circumstances or background.

When she is not studying or helping a new family, you will likely find her traveling to new places or reading! As a former ballerina, mindfulness and body movement are incredibly important to her, so you may catch her at a local dance or yoga class! Finally, she prides herself on the “jungle” of plants filling her home and frequents the Nashville Farmer’s Market looking for new ones!


Birth Doula via DONA International
Postpartum Doula via ICEA
Childbirth Education via ICEA
Early Childhood Education Undergraduate Degree
Maternal Mental Health Graduate Studies
Cultural Competency in Supporting Alternative Sexualities
Cultural Competency in Supporting the BIPOC community
Cultural Competency in Supporting Sexual Assault Survivors
CPR and Advanced First Aid
Non-Birthing Parental Role in Bonding and Attachment
Ethics in Helping Professions

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