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5 Ways You Can Give Back to Tennessee Families

During the holiday season, we talk a lot about giving. It’s both a great time to treat our loved ones, and to reach out to those in our communities who need support.

At Music City Doulas, we care very much about the wellbeing of our Nashville community and families in Middle Tennessee.

Many often worry that monetary and other forms of donation will not be put in the right hands, or dealt with honestly. So we have compiled a list of five wonderful organizations in our community that do legitimate and important work to improve the lives of all in Nashville and its surrounding areas. Here are five beautiful and practical ways you can help.

Did you know one in three families report a need for diapers? Without an adequate diaper supply, children are unable to go to daycare, and their parents are often unable to work. Diapers cannot be bought with food stamps or WIC. Inadequate supply of diapers is not only a health issue, but has been linked to child abuse and infanticide. Nashville Diaper Connection is a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization and a member of the National Diaper Bank Network. They take monetary donations and diapers of all sizes for donation. On May 21, 2016, Music City Doulas is hosting No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive and 5k/Family Fun Run. You can make a huge difference for families in need by getting involved!

Thistle Farms provides a residential program for female survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction, and employment for residents and graduates of their program. This program, Magdalene on the Inside, provides housing, medical care, job training, education and therapy to its residents. Residents and graduates are given employment through the Thistle Stop Café, the Studios Workshop and Shared Trade Global Marketplace. Does this resonate with you? You can support these survivors by purchasing their lovely products or by donating.

The Oasis Center works with teens to overcome obstacles in their community and make positive change. From its crisis center for homeless youth, to its R.E.A.L. intervention program for students struggling in the Juvenile Justice System, Oasis Center is empowering at-risk youths to live up to their potential. To help build a more promising future for our underserved youth populations, you can donate or adopt a family.

Open Table Nashville is an interfaith community and nonprofit organization that disrupts cycles of poverty and homelessness in Middle Tennessee through providing outreach, resources, and housing for those who are chronically homeless in Nashville, and providing education and outreach to the public. What began in 2008 as an initiative amongst workers in the community to find living space for the inhabitants of Tent City and then those displaced from the flood in 2010 has grown into an incredible movement that advocates a place at the table for all, including a Tiny Home Village for our most vulnerable individuals. Give by clicking here or here.

Worker’s Dignity is an organization led by local workers, many of which are mothers, striving to bring economic justice to those who have suffered abuse and wage theft in Nashville. Since 2010, Worker’s Dignity has recovered more than $230,000 of stolen wages for workers in Nashville, created the Just Hospitality Campaign that serves cleaning workers, and has continually provided education and outreach for families and children. To support these families, you can make a donation.

Happy giving and Happy Holidays from Music City Doulas!

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