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Ashley Stebbins and Arielle Fears are two passionate individuals who joined together in 2015 to create Music City Doulas


After working as successful independent doulas within their own respective doula businesses, they realized a huge need for inclusive, compassionate, and unbiased support for families of all composition in Nashville and the entire Middle Tennessee region.

Music City Doulas is a group of hand-selected, professionally trained and mentored doulas who want to make profound change in the way that people are supported during their journeys into parenthood. They believe in individualized care, evidence-based education, and unbiased support for all who seek their services, as well as professionalism and knowledge in the birth space to complement the work of their clients' doctors, midwives, and nurses. 

From its inception, Music City Doulas has been and continues to be an industry leader setting a new standard on professional birth and parenting support in Middle Tennessee.

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Comprehensive, affirming care

Music City Doulas’ mission is to ensure new and growing families feel respected, empowered, and affirmed through pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and beyond.
We believe that when families are nurtured and given the tools to confidently step into parenthood, the whole community benefits.


We ensure new and growing families feel respected, empowered, and affirmed. Working with Music City Doulas, our clients:

Thrive under our compassionate care and guidance

Benefit from a trusted professional who embodies all the best characteristics of a friend, sister, or confidante

Are comfortable sharing the intimate details of their birth and/or parenting philosophies with a doula who provides tailored support to fit their vision

Love knowing that their doula is current with all new and developing recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics, World Health Organization, and American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as all local hospital policies and procedures

Feel assured knowing their doula comes highly regarded by their medical team

Feel empowered to advocate for their needs and wishes as they make safe decisions for their family

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