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While the early days and months postpartum are precious and full of wonder, they can also be isolating and exhausting.


We believe this time should be restful, nourishing, and supported as you transition to life as a family and bond with your new baby.

We know that when parents are cared for, families thrive. As Postpartum Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists, and Registered Nurses, we offer nurturing, unbiased, expert support day and overnight for new families in Nashville and surrounding areas. This includes:

Real-time education on newborn care, feeding, behavior, and development.

Each baby and family is unique, and our goal is to provide you with individualized care. That being said, there are tried and true options for soothing, feeding, and caring for babies that your doula will be happy to share with you. Whether you need pointers for soothing a fussy newborn, breastfeeding/bodyfeeding, bottlefeeding, SNS feeding, bathing, diapering, or navigating sleep transitions, our team has got you covered. Our goal is to provide up to date, evidence based education when asked for while honoring cultural practices and traditions. 

Support with older children.

We understand that one of the largest challenges during the day with a newborn and older siblings is making sure older siblings get their needs for play met. We are happy to help by spending time with them while you rest or bond with baby, or caring for baby while you take special time with the big kids to maintain your connection with them.

Domestic tasks and light housekeeping.

Caring for a baby while likely recovering from childbirth is enough to expect of anyone. While we aren’t a cleaning service, we gladly support families by organizing nurseries, helping move laundry, decluttering, and emptying or loading the dishwasher.

Running errands and accompanying parents to appointments.

We are happy to do a target or grocery run to get that needed item. We also accompany new parents to appointments should they need to leave the home and bring baby with them. Packing a diaper bag, getting oneself ready, and getting out the door with a baby is not simple. 

Caring for baby overnight while parents sleep.

We offer overnight shifts so that parents can get more stretches of restful and restorative sleep. Sleep loss and disturbance is a huge source of stress and mental health struggle for many parents. We’re here to help. We take over diapering, soothing, and getting your baby to sleep in a safe and hygienic sleep environment. We can bring baby to you to nurse when they are hungry, or we can give them a bottle of formula or pumped milk. Our goal is to support whatever works best for your unique family, while allowing you to sleep without worry. 


Caring for multiples and NICU graduates.

Our team has experience caring for multiples, and is qualified to care for up to quintuplets. We are honored to support NICU families as they welcome their babies home and navigate the unique associated challenges. 

Knowing and sharing the signs of postpartum mood disorders.

Our team is trained to recognize the signs of postpartum mood disorders, and can share resources and referrals to therapists specializing in the postpartum time. 

Image by Hu Chen
With our holistic approach and knowledge, our team is ready and available to support your family during the day or night for short term support or consistent care spanning months at a time. 

Ready to get the newborn care help your family needs to thrive?

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