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Breastfeeding is natural, but for many, it doesn’t come naturally. We offer virtual and in-home lactation support to help get your breastfeeding journey off to the best start possible


The care & support we provide is as unique as you and your family so you can grow confidently in your new role as a parent.

This supportive service is available during pregnancy as well as after the birth of your baby through a virtual or in-home consultation with our lactation specialist. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all those planning to breastfeed / chestfeed see a lactation specialist within 3-4 days after birth to assist in proper latch and discuss milk supply. Whether you are still pregnant and wish to discuss your plans or concerns with breastfeeding or you have had your baby and need gentle guidance and encouragement, our lactation specialist is committed to helping you reach your breastfeeding / chestfeeding goals.


Image by Wes Hicks

1 hour

Learning how to establish a healthy feeding relationship will provide peace of mind and prepare you for when your baby is here. Prior to giving birth, many people have questions and concerns about how certain lifestyles, medications, or surgeries may affect their breastfeeding / chestfeeding relationship. This one hour, virtual or in-home consultation provides the perfect opportunity to discuss these concerns and come up with an action plan for when baby arrives.


2 hours

From the moment your baby is born, our trained lactation specialist is here to help with anything from latch, painful nursing, breastfeeding with flat or inverted nipples, newborn weight gain, milk production, and more. But don’t wait until there is a problem to bring in the support of our lactation specialist. Initial lactation visits are also meant to be used as a preventative to avoid issues with feeding and to grow confidently in your breastfeeding / chestfeeding relationship.


1 hour

After your initial visit, you may feel like you need additional support from your lactation specialist to check in on how things are going, help formulate a plan for pumping or going back to work, for continued support in infant weight gain, or a variety of other reasons. A follow-up visit is a great option for those who have already had an initial visit but need a bit more support later.

Lactation classes

Image by kevin liang

2 hours

Before your baby is born, learn what you need to know to get breastfeeding off to the best start. This comprehensive class covers the how to get a good latch, feeding positions, and normal newborn eating habits and hunger cues. Learn the ins and out of feeding a newborn baby and practice positions with our doll and silicone model breast.


1 hour

A perfect add-on to our Feeding Basics Class, this class will cover many common challenges faced during the breastfeeding / chestfeeding journey. Learn about poor latch, sore nipples, engorgement, tongue and lip ties, clogged ducts, mastitis, supply issues, and how to deal with these challenges if they occur.


1 hour

Go beyond learning the basics of baby feeding with this special add-on. In this class, learn about preparing to return to work, pumping breastmilk, weaning, and introducing solid foods.

Ready to get the best quality support for your lactation journey?

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