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Aaliyah Dailey


Birth Doula


Aaliyah is a queer, Black, nonbinary person who is a chef, herbalist, full-spectrum doula, educator, and reproductive justice advocate. They center their work around reconnecting to ancestral knowledge of wellbeing, supporting folx in their journeys of healing, and decolonizing their minds, bodies, and spirits. They currently work with queer, trans, and BIPOC folx online and in Nashville and the surrounding areas. They identify as a nerd and a “word-weaving witchy wood nymph” who spends most of their time playing with yarn or out in nature, and basically lives in their kitchen being yelled at by their cat.


Certified Full Spectrum Doula, BADT
Certified in First aid and CPR, Heaartsaver CPR AED
Certified OR Doula, Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital
Trained Community Herbalist, Commonwealth Herbs
Trained Postpartum Doula, BADT 
Trained Abortion Doula, BADT 
Trained in Queer and Trans Reproductive Support, BADT Trained in Fertility and Conception, BADT 
Trained in Birth and Disability, BADT 
Trained in Crisis Response for Birthworkers, BADT 
Trained in Supporting Physiologic Birth, Bundle Birth
Trained in Gender-Affirming Practices in Birthwork, Love Over Fear Wellness
Cultural Competency in Supporting the BIPOC Community
Professional Nutritionist Diploma, The KEW Training Academy Professional Life Coach Certification, Transformation Academy
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management, The Art Institute

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