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Janina Wright


Birth & Postpartum Doula


My name is JaNina Wright, and birth work has been my passion since teenage years. As the eldest daughter of five siblings, I helped my single mother manage childcare tasks such as bottle feedings, diaper changes, baby stimulation, and many other day-to-day needs. Later on, I made an intentional commitment to extend support outside of my own immediate family and have dedicated my life to doing so. I have no helped numerous family members navigate childbirth by providing physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational support. It has been incredible to witness how beautiful yet taxing the birthing experience can be for mothers and the family as a whole, and I am excited to help support these families as they bring forth new life.

Currently, I am a trained birth doula through DONA International and am engaging in additional comprehensive childbirth education to become DONA certified. As a doula, my goal is to empower expectant families as they bring new life into the world, and it is my pleasure to offer them empathy, compassion, education, and a sense of peace throughout the birthing process. I also believe everyone deserves high quality care regardless of race, sexual identity, religion, gender identity, income, and other factors that commonly influence one's healthcare. therefore, I see it as my duty to help advocate for the families I serve and take pride in doing so.

I join others who believe doulas are not made, but born. My innate gifts of caretaking and being emotionally present prepared me to be a birth doula far before my training. Now, I am excited to combine both as I support mothers and the entire family during the vulnerable journey of pregnancy and parenthood.

Outside of birth work, I am a Certified Medical Assistant, phlebotomist, and Patient Service Specialist in Nashville, TN. I enjoy volunteering for homeless communities, singing, dancing (particularly ballroom and Zumba), and spending quality time with family, friends, and my precious cat, Princess!


DONA trained birth doula
Certified Medical Assistant
Patient Service Specialist

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