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10 Things Pregnant Women Are Tired of Hearing

For whatever reason, people lose their filter around pregnant women. They just say whatever they are thinking without actually stopping for a moment to consider the words that are about to come out. As we say here in The South, ‘bless their hearts.’ They usually don’t mean anything by it; they just want to talk and connect and this is the first thing that popped into their brain. So, for fun, we have compiled a list of the top 10 things pregnant women are tired of hearing.

  1. “You look like you’re about to pop!” Pop??? Am I a balloon? That’s a rather unpleasant way of saying have a baby or give birth. Ding! Turkey’s done! What is especially frustrating about this phrase for many pregnant women, is that it is often just said anytime a woman is looking a bit rounder. She may be 25 weeks or she may be 41 weeks. If she is 25 weeks, she is going to take this as meaning you think she looks fat and she may wonder how she is going to get any bigger and what people will spout off when she does. If she is 41 weeks and someone says this to her, that person may just want to take off running because she is already over when she thought her baby would come and possibly frustrated that she is still pregnant.

  2. “Are you sure you aren’t having twins?” When a woman is expecting just one baby, this is just another way of telling her that she looks fat. Do you really think the doctor just missed a baby? Just don’t go there. Why is it that people feel the need to comment on women’s bodies when they are pregnant? You wouldn’t go up to anyone else on the street or in the grocery store and comment on how large their stomach is.

  3. “You know how that happens, right?” Nope! No idea! Wait, you mean sex? Actually, not all babies are conceived during sex. This family may be growing thanks to modern medicine. This question is meant to be cheeky but why exactly do you think you should be bringing up another person’s sex life as if she has no idea how the process works? This is especially more of a common question for larger families.

  4. “Was this on purpose or an accident?” Why do you believe you are entitled to know the intimate details of this baby’s conception? No, just no.

  5. “I can tell it’s a girl because you have more acne on your face.”/”I can tell you’re having a boy because your legs are really big.” According to these Old Wives Tales, girls steal your beauty and boys give you thunder thighs. Thank you for these gems.

  6. “You better get used to never sleeping again!” That’s what a new mom who has likely already been having trouble sleeping during her pregnancy wants to hear. Actually, with the help of a postpartum doula, you will sleep again. Pretty amazing, right?

  7. “Are you still pregnant?” Yes, genius, I am still pregnant. Thanks for reminding me. Do you think I just had the baby and forgot to tell everyone?

  8. “Oh, you’re pregnant? Let me tell you this super scary story of when my friend had her baby and something really terrible happened.” Just stop. Birth is a really transformative time, which is why so many people want to share their stories. But if you found it traumatic, chances are you’re just going to scare her or make her nervous about something she hadn’t even considered yet. And just because something happened to your friend, does not mean it will happen to her. No need to make her fear yet another thing.

  9. “You don’t even look pregnant.” This can go two ways. One, you are telling a woman she is too small, which she probably already has spoken to her doctor about and is trying to put on weight for her baby. Or two, you just told a woman who feels so much bigger than she usually is, that she doesn’t look pregnant. In her eyes, she sees a body that doesn’t look like hers and she thinks she looks obviously pregnant. When you tell her she doesn’t look pregnant, she feels like people must think she looks fat.

  10. “Enjoy it while you can.” This statement leaves the same impression as the sleep one. Like you will never have fun again once you have kids. Not exactly what a new family wants to hear nor is it true. Once a family finds their rhythm, they will absolutely enjoy themselves. In a new and exciting way! Their lives are changing, their family is growing, and they are bringing new life into the world. There will be plenty to enjoy!

We hope you got a few laughs out of this list! Let us know in the comments section if there are any things you would add to it! We would love to hear it.

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