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Doulas Support Partners Too

We love working with dads and partners.  Did you know doulas are not just for birthing mothers and individuals?

As doulas, we understand the importance of supporting both parents, or the birthing client and the supporting family member, friend, or loved one.  We believe your comfort and confidence is key to an affirming birth experience.  What does this journey look like?

From the moment you contract with us, we are here for your questions, too.  Whether you need more technical information about pregnancy and the newborn, or seek insight for how to better support the beautiful person in your life that will soon birth a baby, we’ve got you.  As we move toward the arrival of your new addition, we will discuss options for birth that indeed involve both of you.  Whether you are hands on, wish to step back, or are not sure how you wish to participate, we are here to help you navigate all the ways you can be there.

Just as we will not usurp the role of a father, family member or friend who with the mother’s encouragement plans to be very involved, we also will not push you to participate in a way you are not comfortable with.  When we say we are committed to nonjudgmental support, we mean it for you, too.  We have no agenda for how mothers deliver their babies, and we have no agenda for how we think fathers and partners should be involved in the process.

During the birth, we are the reassuring look that those noises, or that sudden silence accompanied by an intense focus is normal.  We can help translate medical terms you are unfamiliar with, and are unbiased when you take pause for decision-making. We work as a team to enhance all the goodness that you bring.  There are two sets of hands to support your birthing loved one with counter pressure to the hips, and a cool wash cloth to the forehead.  When you need to make a phone call or catch some fresh air, we are there to ensure no one is going at those contractions alone who doesn’t want to.  We make sure you are both staying fed and hydrated, and will grab you a snack when you are hungry but do not wish to leave the room.  We stay to help you settle in as a new family, facilitating skin-to-skin, feeding, and staying with mom if you go with the baby to the nursery.

Postpartum, we are there to build your confidence and help you find your own unique parenting style to suit your family.  Whether you need information on diapering, sleeping, or feeding methods, need some help with light house keeping while you bond with baby, or need a professional to tend to the baby while you take time together alone to rest, we’ve got you covered.

We love nothing more than seeing families feeling strong in their choices and sure of their capabilities as parents.  Allow us to help you shine!

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