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Non-Judgmental Support: What It Really Means

Non-judgmental support seems to be the new buzzword for doulas. Doulas from all around the world are advertising non-judgmental support as a big part of what they provide, but what does it actually mean to be non-judgmental?

Some of the most common topics of controversy in the doula circles are:

  1. circumcision vs leaving boys intact

  2. natural birth vs scheduled induction, use of pain medication, or planned cesarean

  3. attachment or gentle parenting vs cry it out methods

  4. breastfeeding vs bottle feeding

  5. hospital birth vs home birth

  6. VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) vs repeat cesarean

Unfortunately, there are some doulas claiming to be unbiased and non-judgmental, but only under the condition that you have the same birth and parenting philosophies as they do.

Non-judgmental support has no caveats. There are no conditions.

For a doula to be successful in her mission of providing non-judgmental support, she cannot desire something for her clients more than the clients themselves desire it.

At Music City Doulas, we want whatever you want. If you change your mind part way through the process, we will meet you where you are and continue to provide the same high quality of service.

  1. Do we work at your chosen birth location? We work at all birthing locations in Middle Tennessee including The Farm, local birth centers like Infinity and Baby+Co, all local hospitals, and in your own home with a licensed midwife.

  2. Will we work with your chosen medical care provider? Always.

  3. Will we support your decision to schedule an induction? Of course.

  4. Are we supportive of your planned cesarean? Definitely.

  5. Can we support you in your natural birth? Absolutely.

  6. Are you planning to breastfeed? We will help you with your first latch and can help you find a hold that is most comfortable for you.

  7. Planning to bottle-feed your baby? Our postpartum doulas can help you wash and prepare the bottles so they are ready when you need them.

When we say we offer non-judgmental support, we mean it. When you choose Music City Doulas, you will benefit from knowing that your doulas come without their own agenda. They are there to support you and your family in whatever ways you feel are best.

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