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Not Your Birth, Not Your Announcement

You get a special text from your friend or family member that shows you an image of a sweet precious brand new baby. You are within the elite circle of people that the family wanted to share their special announcement with.

You are overjoyed with excitement and post congratulations on their Facebook wall. Maybe you even share the photo they sent you with details about the birth or about baby’s measurements.

Seems harmless enough, but without meaning to, you may have actually stolen a special moment from that family. This baby is probably the single most important thing to this new family. They could have posted to Facebook in the minutes after having it, but they chose to keep it private except for a few choice individuals they thought would be more special to tell personally first.

Let’s look at it from the expecting family’s perspective.

They have been through 9 months of pregnancy (maybe months or years of trying to get pregnant in the first place). They anticipate the day they get to first lay eyes on their bundle. They wonder who he or she will look like. They go through a lengthy labor, a major surgery, or both to meet this baby. They share their joy with a few select people and then turn off their phones to spend some sweet moments with their brand new baby. A few hours later, they pull their phones out to share the news of their new arrival and what do they find? Messages from friends and family members and acquaintances that already know. A mixture of emotions overcome them. Their long awaited announcement has already been shared.

Don’t steal anyone’s birth announcement. Allow them the opportunity to be first to share their news with whomever they choose.

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