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On Changing Your Mind

As labor doulas, we use prenatal visits as a chance to get to know our clients, their families, their desires for their birth, and discover what everyone wants their role to be for the day of the birth. When we get to the discussion about making a birth plan, we talk about the different options for the various stages of the labor process.

All of our doulas are familiar with the procedures and protocols of our local hospitals and birth centers so that they can help you prepare a birth plan that is relevant to where you are planning to deliver. For example, if you want to utilize nitrous oxide and the location you are delivering does not have this option, your doula will not tell you that you have this option and it should be left out of your birth plan. After a birth planning session, it is important to talk to your provider about your preferences to get their input and put the final touches on your birth plan.

It is important to remember that a birth plan is not a guarantee. Sometimes, like life, labor can throw some curve balls and plans will need to be changed. And sometimes you may just want to change your mind or plans. So what happens if or when you change your mind in labor about something that you were so sure about during the prenatal visit with your doula? How will you tell your doula that you no longer desire the same thing you once told her you did?

At Music City Doulas, we have no personal attachment to the events of your labor or birth. We do not hold you to the things you said before and there is no need to feel bad about telling your doula that you no longer want the same things you had said you did before you felt the sensations of labor. For example, some clients are sure that they want a natural birth but then decide to get an epidural, but they worry about how to tell their doula that this is what they have decided.

We can assure you that we only want what you want. Your experience is the only one that matters to us. We will wait until after you are between contractions to offer a position change first or remind you of the reasons you had for your original desires to make sure you are sure of your decision and if you still want to change your mind, we will support you in that.

With so many unknowns in labor, we want you to know there is always one constant: you will have the unconditional support of your doula.



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