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The Music City Doulas Difference: Confidentiality

Many of us love seeing happy pictures of parents meeting their baby for the first time. When you are pregnant, it can be comforting and encouraging to read other people’s stories and see documentation of their experiences.  Many of us also prefer agency when it comes to our internet presence, including photo sharing and important life announcements.

A common trend I see in doula services is announcing clients’ births.  It happens with a photo of the parent(s) and new baby, a photo of the doula holding the baby, or even in more subtle ways, such as the doula announcing when they are going to the hospital or posting on social media that they have a client in labor. It’s exciting!

I can see why it may be tempting for some to post about going to a birth.  However, I am also very aware of the importance of confidentiality in the doula profession.  Ensuring confidentiality for my clients ultimately trumps the potential brief excitement of sharing my unique job with the world in real time.

I will not use your birth announcement as a marketing tool.

I will not post on social media that I am heading to the hospital, or that multiple clients may be in labor at once (note: this is why we use doula teams), or share details of your birth with anyone.  It may seem harmless to do these things if I am not posting pictures of you or sharing your name, but in this world it is too easy for others to piece together details and figure out who I could be talking about.  Nashville and surrounding regions may feel large and like they are expanding, but the degrees of separation are still few.  I know that only you should have control over how your child’s birth is announced to the world, and that I am not an exception to this rule! It’s simple.

Now, would you like me to share your birth announcement on our business page?  I’m happy to do it.  Do you want to tag me in a photo supporting you through your labor?  I would be flattered.  The point is that it is your choice, and one of the most important aspects of my job is supporting your choices, not making them for you. When you hire our doulas to support you, you will never have to worry about breach of confidentiality during your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum period.  You can count on professionalism, consistency, and excellent support.  We have been trained to remove our own convictions from the equation, and to support you without bias or attachment.  At Music City Doulas, we believe in practicing this level of professionalism in our virtual presence as well as your birthing facility.

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