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Valentine’s Day in Nashville

Valentine’s Day is coming!  Whether you are currently pregnant or a new parent, it’s a little different now.  You may feel the urge to make this one count before your little one arrives, or you might be anxious for an excuse to get out of the house with just the two of you!

We’ve got you covered.  Start with:

Are you planning a night out together? Pro tip: get close before you grab a bite. This way you can fully enjoy your dinner and you’ll be super sweet to your waiter. Here are our top choices for a romantic dinner in:

If you aren’t pregnant any more, you can get a drink.  That’s gotta feel good.  The night doesn’t have to end after dinner!  Here are our top picks for drinks in:

Live Music:

This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday.  You may skip the Saturday night date and do brunch!  Here are our top picks in:

We wish you an oxytocin-filled weekend.  We’ll see you in November, Nashville!

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