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What If I Poop?

“What if I poop?”

It’s asked with utmost concern.

If you poop, you will be among the many fabulous women who, bless them, pooped while working their darndest to get their babies into this world. Yes, often people poop while pushing.

It makes sense when you think about it. When you bear down, you are doing practically the same action as when you have a bowel movement. In fact, a common sign that it may be time to push is feeling like you have to poop, because the baby is putting pressure on the rectum.

So, what if you poop? Most likely, you will have no idea. The fabulous medical team you’ve chosen will angelically and unflinchingly see to it that you are clean throughout the process. It’s part of what they do, and part of what makes them very special and awesome. All the while, your doula will support you like you are royalty.

Your partner also will not say anything. Are you reading, partners? You won’t say anything. Even if the beautiful human who birthed the baby asks months or years later, you will say, “No, my love, you did not.”

Unless you know for a fact that you will really dig yourself and feel like a rock star knowing you pooped, it may be best to be grateful for the mercy of not knowing. Rest assured that if you do, no one will bat an eye.

It is ill advised to abstain from eating during labor for the sole purpose of avoiding a bowel movement. Make sure you have the energy you need to have this baby! Childbirth isn’t dainty, my dears. It’s frequently compared to running a marathon. You wouldn’t prepare by denying yourself sustenance.

A good poop is sometimes part of a good birth. Do your thing. We won’t say anything!

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