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What to Expect From Your Doula

Your family is expanding! Congratulations. Is finding a doula part of your celebration?

The common refrain is that doulas provide physical, emotional and educational support for parents during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Fabulous! What does this mean?

When you enlist Music City Doulas to support you in your adventure in parenthood, you will gain twenty-four hour support from your doula(s), from the day you sign on, to the arrival of your baby and beyond. Your doula is your cheerleader, your resource for information and community connections, and your nonjudgmental ear and sounding board, whether you work with our birth doula pairs, our postpartum doulas, or our postpartum placenta specialists.

At Music City Doulas you can expect your doulas to affirm your priorities, needs, and preferences, without regard to any other philosophy or agenda. You can always expect from your doulas a dedication to working harmoniously and respectfully with your Ob, midwife, nursing staff, and midwife assistants, creating a trusting, peaceful, and pleasant environment for your birth and postpartum period.

Your doulas are flexible. We understand that each birth is different, and that no type of birth is superior to the other. You can trust your doulas to support your wishes without bias or hesitation, whether you want a cesarean birth, a home birth, or anything in between. You will receive additional information when you ask for it, and never when it is unsolicited.

You can expect professionalism. Consistency. Excellence.

We can’t wait to serve you!

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