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The demands of our modern lives and the realities of parenting don't always align to create effortless harmony. It's normal to need support in meeting your family's sleep needs.


Our sleep consultants are here to help you establish healthy habits that work for your baby and align with your parenting philosophy.

So many parents think that suffering through sleep deprivation is just a part of the journey, but it doesn't have to be. 


It is possible to create and sustain healthy sleep habits for your baby and your family. It's possible to make changes toward better rest safely and gently, so that you can enjoy your child and feel your best. We support each family in their unique needs and challenges, and know there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to sleep. 


Our sleep consultants support families with babies and toddlers by educating them on their options, and helping them form holistic, tailored plans to meet their goals. We prioritize safety and healthy infant development, and honor the physiological needs of babies as well as those of their parents. We work with breast/bodyfed babies as well as bottle and formula fed babies. 

We offer one, two, or three weeks of sleep consulting, including thorough intake and an initial 60 minute planning call, followed by email, text and phone check-ins, and a final strategizing call to prepare you to move forward with confidence after our time together. Our sleep consultants are dedicated to empowering parents to practice sustainable rest, and be at their best day and night.

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Sleeping Baby

Ready to get some quality sleep?

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