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Cicely Wilson


Birth Doula


Working as a professional Pregnancy Support Specialist over the past 20 years has been an honor and privilege to support new families. I strive to provide the highest level of evidence-based care while being flexible and adaptable to each family's unique needs and expectations. I pride myself on providing completely non-judgemental care to all families, particularly those of diverse backgrounds, including single-parent households, LGBTQIA+ families, adoption, and surrogacy.

My passion is to support and empower people as they begin their journey into new parenthood. My passion, coupled with my love of newborns has set me on a lifelong adventure to continuously educate myself and stay well informed on the well-being of pregnant families. I believe education is critical to remain abreast of current research, up-to- date methodology, and professional development.

Recognizing the needs of new families, I research opportunities for continued education and training to best support a diverse population and offer the services most needed so they may be empowered to enjoy and care for their new baby.

As a new parent, recognizing and providing care for a baby suffering from illness or challenges such as tongue-tie, reflux, and allergies, can be particularly difficult. My experience and specialized training have given me many opportunities to work with various situations and unique challenges. Encouraging parents to get early treatment, providing referrals to the appropriate care professional, and supporting them through these issues is a major part of

my role as a Pregnancy Support Specialist.

I am very proud to have accomplished my goals and I like to view myself as a valued resource and a part of the parenting team. I can work well with other household staff members and strive to always respect the family's privacy and confidentiality at all times.

My goal is to continue to serve as an extension of parents' loving care, while also acting as an expert resource for any questions or concerns parents may have. That way, they can focus on getting much-needed rest and recovery, settling into their newly expanded family, and simply enjoying their new baby (or babies)!


New Parent Educator CAPPA Association June 2020
Foundational Newborn Care Newborn Care Solutions June 2020
CACHE Credentialed Newborn Care Specialist Newborn Care Solutions May 2020
Infant and Adult First Aid & CPR American Red Cross May 2020
Lactation Counselor Healthy Children Project July 2017
Child Passenger Safety Technician Safe Kids, Inc. June 2016
Postpartum Doula CAPPA Association June 2016

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