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Rachel Messer


Postpartum Doula


Rachel (she/her) has loved being around babies for as long as she can remember! She has always felt this tug in her heart to help families through the process of birth and postpartum. It is something she feels super confident doing and loves being able to support families.

Rachel grew up in South Florida and went to Nova Southeastern University and majored in Education. Once school was over, she decided to move to Nashville in 2022 to pursue being a professional doula. Nashville has a great doula/nanny community! Once settling down in Nashville, Rachel decided to become certified through Childbirth International to be a Postpartum Doula. Along with that, she is also a Newborn Care Specialist.

The combination of Rachel's 6 years of nanny experience, and her passion for children/families,  makes her a supportive postpartum partner. She helps families through these challenging times and can help in many different ways. Whether it be laundry, errands, sleep, she can be there!


-Infant and Adult CPR/First Aid certified
-Education degree, Nova Southeastern University
-PostPartum Doula certified, Childbirth International
-Newborn Care Specialist certified, The Newborn Care Training Academy

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