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10 Snow Day Activities To Do With Your Kids

Tennessee is in a level 3 state of emergency due to the winter weather and school has been canceled since Wednesday in most areas. TDOT is recommending that people stay off the road, so that means more and more families have been stuck inside with their stir-crazy kids for 3 days and tomorrow is expected to be just as bad. If you have run out of wine and are now thinking about killing your kids, please don’t, and try a few of these fun winter activities you can do with your kids without getting out on the roads.

  1. Make snow cream! Put some of the white stuff into a bowl and add condensed milk. Mix it together. You can also add coconut milk and drizzled honey or chocolate syrup.

  2. Bundle your kids up in their winter clothes and build a tiny snowman. There is only a few inches on the ground, but if the snow is packable, make a tiny snow man with your kids and make sure to give him a baby carrot for a nose.

  3. If your kids are old enough and you have a fenced in yard, send the kids outside to play in the snow while you enjoy some peace and quiet alone inside.

  4. Grab the sleds, find a hill, and get to sledding. Make sure to stay off of and away from the roadways though.

  5. Don’t want to go outside in the cold? Grab all the blankets and pillows in the house, bring them into the living room, and build the biggest fort ever. Make sure to bury the TV in there with you so you can cuddle up and watch a movie together in the fort.

  6. Put down some plastic and make an art project with paint, glitter, and cotton balls. Have your kids make their favorite winter pictures and then slap them on the fridge to display.

  7. We live in the South, so that means comfort food. Make warm soup, chili, corn bread, or any of your other favorite meals that warm you from the inside out.

  8. Grab some old socks and put on a super silly puppet show. You can add some googley eyes if you have some.

  9. Have a dance party and get their wiggles out! Turn on the record player and put on your kids’ favorite dancing music and have them shake and wiggle out their energy. Arielle’s son Eli loves Ashford and Simpson’s live “Performance” and Harry Belafonte’s “Calypso” if you are in need of some musical inspiration.

  10. Support your local doula. Put the kids in front of their favorite show and run off with your partner to make a blizzard baby. October is always the busiest time of the year for us, so make sure to book early when you find out!

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