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Building Bridges: How We Make a Difference

Have you heard that your doula can protect you from unwanted procedures? How about that he or she is a barrier between you and your doctor? Have you gotten the impression that doulas are only for specific kinds of births?

Luckily for you, none of these assertions are true.

One of the most important parts of your doula’s job is creating professional relationships with your OB and nurses, or your midwife and midwife assistants. This starts with deep respect for the knowledge and experience your care provider brings to your birth, as well as an understanding that you chose your OB or midwife as well as your birthing facility for a reason. We do not walk into your birth space expecting your provider to be predatory or cruel. We assume the professional you have chosen prioritizes your experience as well as your well being while in their care.

We honor and recognize the nurses’ space when you birth in the hospital. We are respectful and warm with your midwife’s assistants in the hospital and the home. We support you in your choices and encourage you to engage with the staff when you have questions or concerns. We are not there to speak for you, and we do not play offense on your birth team. Providers that must be defensive while trying to serve their patients are not happy, and besides, we’re on the same team. Harmonious relationships between doulas and medical professionals allow everyone to relax and do their best. We are honored to play our part as they play theirs. This environment is much more favorable for birth than one fraught with distrust.

Lastly, we are not present to ensure or prevent any given birth method. We are there to attune to your needs and provide you with the best professional and unbiased support. If you are concerned about any aspect of your care during this influential time, no matter how you wish to bring your child into the world, we absolutely support you in calling attention to it. Most importantly, we encourage you to discuss your care with your facility. We do not take on this role because it is your birth. They are your preferences to express and use to find a suitable team. Your experience will be your story to tell, and your journey is not one we believe you must be saved from. You are your best advocate. We are your doulas.

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