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Doulas Are For Cesareans Too

People often say that they won’t have a use for a doula at their birth because they are having a cesarean. This notion is at times tied to a string of other ridiculous statements like in cesarean birth there are no choices, it’s the easy way out, or cesarean section doesn’t count as birth.

The idea that cesarean birth is less-than or a form of failure is a huge source of grief for many parents. No matter how one delivers a baby, it is hard. It is work. Like the rest of life, birth can be all kinds of things. Within all methods of birth there is a capacity for joy, elation, sadness or anger, even trauma. A doula acknowledges and affirms exactly where you are in the process, helping you problem solve and supporting your decisions.

Sometimes cesarean is the best option. In a non-emergent situation, you have a lot of choices. During your pregnancy your doula can help you discover all you want to know about cesarean birth, as well as your wishes for this scenario, whether it is your first or last preference for delivery. Will you want music playing? Will you prefer speech only when it is necessary, or perhaps to have everything explained to you during the procedure? You may want to explore the possibility of seeding the microbiome with your doctor.  Maybe you are interested in family-centered cesarean. Depending on your facility, you may be able to delay cord clamping, your partner may be able to cut the cord, or you may be able to have skin-to-skin in the OR.

Your doula will meet you at your facility to help you prepare to meet your baby. They will go over each step with you and your partner. Depending on your hospital, your doula may be able to come in the operating room with you. If the baby must go to a separate space and your partner goes with them, your doula may be allowed to stay with you as you begin the recovery process. When you are ready to move to recovery, your doula will be with you to help you and your partner establish skin-to-skin if desired and preferred feeding methods, whether that be by breast or bottle.

When you return home and are acclimating to life with baby as you heal, a postpartum doula will help you take things at a friendly pace. They will make sure you are fed and hydrated, are comfortable, and will help take care of things around the house so that you do not over-exert yourself.

Doulas are for cesareans births. Doulas are for supporting you through your experience, attending to your comfort, peace of mind, connection and recovery. At Music City Doulas, we honor and treat all births as equal. No matter how you become a parent, we are here to serve you.

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