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Getting Out of the House After Having A Baby

After having a baby, making plans to get out of the house can seem daunting. For many Nashville moms, the immediate postpartum time can be challenging. The first couple of days after bringing your new baby home, your friends and family come and visit, but soon after, they are back to their own lives, caring for their own children, working, and enjoying their usual activities.

You may be craving some adult interaction and wondering what you can do to get out of the house and how to navigate doing so with a newborn.

  1. Join a mommy and baby fitness class. If you are like a lot of new moms, you may be feeling a desire to get active again after your pregnancy. Groups like Mommy Fit Camp and Hike It Baby Nashville get together at least once a month and to walk, hike, exercise, and get fit with their babies.

  2. Attend a support group. We have multiple support groups for pregnant moms, new parents, and bottle-feeding located all around Middle Tennessee. One of our doulas coordinates these complimentary meet-ups and is an expert in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. If you have questions, she is there and ready to answer them!

  3. If you have older children, The Monkey’s Treehouse is a great local spot where you can take them to burn off some of their energy and you can watch them from the side while caring for your youngest. Sit down next to another newly postpartum mom and chat about your babies while you watch your oldest run around gleefully!

  4. You can join a Mommy and Me music class at The Music Class in Belle Meade, Brentwood, or West Franklin. They have a Music Pups class, which is for babies all the way up to 4 years old, so it is a great option if you have older children as well.

  5. For making new mom friends, head to a park and walk with your baby. Sevier Park always has tons of families enjoying the weather and strolling around. Strike up a conversation and ask someone to go for lunch. 99% of the time (this is a made-up statistic), they are feeling just as isolated as you are and would be more than happy to be making new friends as well.

What did we miss? Is there anything you would add to this list? Share with us in the comments section what your favorite places are to go with your children where you can meet other new moms.



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