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Non-Judgmental Childbirth Education in Nashville

As doulas, we often stress the importance of non-judgmental, unbiased support, but when it comes to childbirth education options, they are often sprinkled with judgmental undertones about birth and parenting, particularly when someone is wanting to have a birth or parenting experience that isn’t considered ‘natural.’ Many classes are notorious for inciting fear in tools commonly used in birth, provoking distrust in medical providers, and pushing personal agendas about parenting decisions such as epidurals, vaccinations, and circumcision.

We know that people make all kinds of different birthing and parenting decisions and at Music City Doulas, we wanted to offer a childbirth education option that remained as unbiased as the care we provide our doula clients. Our classes needed to be accommodating for those who would have medical births and non-medical births in the hospital, birth center, and at home. For many families, it is hard to commit to a program that spans out over the course of 9 or 12 weeks, so our program menu needed to have shorter options without leaving out important information.

It is with our great pleasure that we announce our new childbirth education options to the public! Our classes stick with the most up-to-date evidence-based information, nothing but the facts! With the various options we have available, there is sure to be something for everyone.

We offer a 2-hour class, a 3-hour class, and our full series, a 9-hour course that meets once a week for three weeks. To read more about the material in each course, you can visit our Childbirth Education page.

Especially unique to our program is how the classes are offered. We offer group classes at Belle Meade Chiropractic in Nashville, private classes in your own home at a time that works best for you, and our semi-private classes. In a semi-private class, you provide the space and invite your other pregnant friends to join. For being the host and helping get other couples registered for the class, you can receive a credit for the cost of your class or even get the class complimentary!

To register for a class, contact us today!

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