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Packing for the Hospital with Free Printable Checklist

If you’re planning a hospital birth, don’t put off packing until you go into labor. The hospital already has a lot of the items for your postpartum care, such as pads, cool packs, a breast pump, and a peri bottle, along with items for your new baby, such as diapers, receiving blankets, and a hat. So what do you actually need to bring? Use our handy printable Hospital Bag Packing List and get to packing. Plan to pack around 35 weeks to ensure you have everything ready to go before baby makes a debut.

Must haves:

  1. Birth plan and insurance info

  2. ID and hospital paperwork

  3. Chapstick (all that heavy breathing can leave your lips dry and cracked)

  4. Hair tie or headband (to keep your hair out of your face for pushing)

  5. Hair brush

  6. Camera and battery charger

  7. Cell phone and charger

  8. Mom’s going home outfit

  9. Baby’s going home outfit

  10. Carseat (already installed)

  11. Toothbrush and toothpaste

  12. Breath mints

  13. Snacks and fluids

  14. Nursing tank and comfy pants

  15. Comfy socks

  16. Change of clothes for partner

  17. Receiving blanket

Consider packing:

  1. Labor gown

  2. Birth ball

  3. Rebozo

  4. Music or white noise machine

  5. Hot water bottle

  6. Oils or lotions

  7. Essential oil diffuser

  8. Cooler for placenta transport

  9. Bathing suit (for labor tub)

  10. Slippers

  11. Make-up

  12. Entertainment

  13. Own pillow or throw blanket

Leave home:

  1. Jewelry

  2. A lot of cash or valuables

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