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The First 24 Hours

You’ve just had your baby. You are wrapped up in that soft, new parent glow, counting your new baby’s fingers and toes for the fifth time. You’re watching in astonishment his or her little features slowly set in as they decompress from living inside the womb.

But what happens when you go home from the hospital, or in the case of a home birth, after your midwife leaves? That’s where a postpartum doula comes in!

At Music City Doulas, you have twenty-four hour postpartum support at your fingertips. Your postpartum doula will literally meet you on your doorstep, and right away begin to help you settle in as a new family.

The first twenty-four hours are a special kind of blur. Chances are, you may be the most tired you have ever been. You and your partner will need lots of sleep after your hard work to get your baby here. A postpartum doula will see to all other details so that you can focus solely on resting and bonding.

“Can’t my family or my friends do that?”

In theory, they may. However, family and friends are understandably overjoyed and emotionally invested in this new arrival. A postpartum doula is here for you only, and will not be tempted to keep the baby in their arms too long when you need to be facilitating a bond with your new child. Your postpartum doula is also up to date on the latest recommendations for infant care, sleeping habits, and feeding, no matter how you choose to nourish or diaper your child.

A postpartum doula won’t have opinions to share about how you should be parenting your baby. Our doulas are familiar with many parenting methods and philosophies, and are often the one nonjudgmental ear present when you are being showered with other people’s good ideas. They will help you establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship, help you get used to a pump, or help you get the hang of formula feeding so that you are building confidence in your parenting skills right away.

Your postpartum doula is also trained to recognize what is within the scope of normal for a healthy recovery physically and emotionally. This provides peace of mind to new parents to know they have the resource of a professional at their side when they need them, and in the background tending to light housekeeping and meal fixing when they are resting.

Twenty-four hours with a postpartum doula gives you the opportunity to get a head start to a faster recovery. Contact us today to reserve our doulas for your postpartum period. We offer packages of one 24-hour day, five consecutive 24-hour days, or more as you desire.

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