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What’s On Your Birth Playlist?

Music is a powerful tool. It can help you feel familiar and comforted during the labor and delivery process.  Music we love can make all the difference to keep us feeling positive and capable as we move through the births of our babies.

Are you unsure where to begin?  Think about what kind of music soothes you, what makes you feel powerful and determined, what music do you associate with being loved and cared for?  We recommend compiling lots of options to suit varied moods.  Labor can last a long time!

Some people love classical music.  Others feel calm listening to punk rock or hardcore metal.  Whatever gets you through!

If you are unsure, or would rather not spend all that time compiling hours of music, we have given you a leg up.  We have put together three different birth playlists on Spotify for your listening pleasure and inspiration!

First we have our Upbeat, Amped Up and Sometimes Literal Birth Playlist.  Have fun, gush, and get your sillies out!

Next is the Warm, Calming Birth Playlist.  It’s loving and dreamy.  Sway through contractions, slow dance with your partner.  Light some candles and take a bath if cleared by your doctor or midwife.

And finally, the Sweet Sounds Birth Playlist.  This one is particularly great if you have a Prenatal Yoga practice.  We mixed in some of our favorite music from our Prenatal classes along with some other favorites.

Enjoy!  Birth is very personal.  So are our music choices.  If you love the idea of using music as a way to connect with the body’s natural patterns and rhythms during labor, we highly recommend purchasing The Rhythm Within and consulting with our own local Birth, Babies, and Bach!

Wishing you happy birth sounds!

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