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Your Best Vacation With Baby

You can still have your relaxing vacation after the arrival of your new addition, even with all the new daily tasks and details that come with having a little one. Did you think you needed to settle for staying home this summer? You don’t need to. Whether you are going to the lake, visiting the mountains, or traveling much farther, there’s a doula for that.

At Music City Doulas, our postpartum doulas travel. That’s right, we’ll help you turn your travel plans into a vacation.

So what does having a travel doula look like?

Bringing a postpartum doula with you on your trip to the beach, the cabin, or wherever your family is vacationing adds a real dose of relaxation. Whether you have a single newborn, twins, triplets, infants, or toddlers, this service is irresistible. Your postpartum doula will help:

  1. Attend to your and baby/babies’ needs as you travel to your destination. The car and the plane do not have to be the stuff of nightmares.

  2. Assist with newborn care so that you can put your feet up and enjoy quality time to yourself or with family.

  3. Maintain those nap schedules you have been working to establish at home. These can go out the window on vacation, but with your travel doula’s presence a healthy sleep schedule is not lost.

  4. Run errands. Do you need something from the store? Hand your doula the list and it is taken care of. You can stay put and enjoy the sun.

  5. Feed the baby/babies. You can take a nap while a skilled professional who is trained as not only a postpartum doula but also a newborn care specialist takes care of your new addition.

  6. Prepare meals. You need to eat as well! Just as our doulas do in the home, on vacation they are able to help with snacks and meal preparation as you enjoy bonding time with your baby.

  7. Provide overnight support. To get a solid eight hours of sleep, overnight postpartum care is a no-brainer. While on vacation, your travel doula will bring baby to you for feedings or take care of feedings along with diaper changing, soothing, and safe sleep. You can enjoy undisturbed and worry-free nights, and wake up feeling amazing.

Are you ready to enjoy your vacation this summer? Contact us to book your travel dates!



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