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Easy and Delicious Pumpkin Cake Roll

Pumpkin spice is in the air this time of year it seems and do we have the perfect cure for those with pumpkin spice fever!

This easy and delicious pumpkin cake roll has been a wonderful past time for me for the past five years and I have had a great time making and perfecting this pumpkin roll recipe! It has now become a much appreciated family tradition during family and friends fall events. We are sure this roll would be a tasty center piece at any of your wonderful fall gatherings. We hope you enjoy!

PREP ⏰: 30-45 minutes

COOK ⏰: 13-15 minutes

MAKES: 10 servings



2/3 Cup of Pumpkin Puree (Truth be told I use a heaping 2/3 of a cup for a more moist cake, but for a more sponge-like cake stick to 2/3.)

3 Eggs

1 Cup of Sugar

1 Cup of Flour

1 tsp of Baking Soda

1 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp of salt (I use pink Himalayan sea salt)

3/4 tsp cinnamon (heaping)

3/4 tsp ground clove

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp ginger


8oz cream cheese (softened)

1 Cup powdered sugar

6 Tbsp melted butter

1 tsp Vanilla extract


Preheat Oven to 375°F

Line 15X20 Jelly roll pan with parchment paper

Prep a tea towel nearby with a liberal amount of powdered sugar


Prepare the cake by mixing DRY ingredients


Beat eggs, sugar, and pumpkin in a separate bowl.


Slowly stir and mix in with dry ingredients

Spread evenly onto jelly roll pan (I usually give the pan a couple gentle taps)


Bake 13-15 minutes until done (I check around 11 minutes)

Once baked immediately turn upside down onto sugared  towel, carefully peel parchment off and roll the cake in the towel and set aside to cool on a wire rack (or in my case I just use the fridge.)

Prepare filling

Mix all filling ingredients together (make sure your cream cheese is softened and butter is melted) After your cake has cooled for 10 minutes, carefully unroll cake and spread your filling.


Reroll cake carefully, wrap in plastic wrap and let chill for at least an hour.

Notes: I noticed my cake cracking some when I first started in the beginning. This would happen when I would roll out for filling, scared me to pieces but it is okay! If this happens don’t panic, slowly roll your cake anyways and it will set. 🙂

For an added touch at your dinner table sprinkle with powdered sugar after you’ve set it out.


BONUS: YOU CAN FREEZE THESE CAKES and enjoy them after being thawed for at least one hour. This would be perfect to prepare while pregnant so you can easily enjoy postpartum.


Walnuts! You can add walnuts to this recipe, I have found the best way to use walnuts is in the filling itself and not the cake.

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