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Foot Stretches (Video)

Often in pregnancy women develop plantar fasciitis, which happens when the arches of the feet collapse.  This is more commonly known as “flat feet.” We’re going to show you two poses to stretch the feet to counter this phenomenon.  What we’re about to show you is also useful for improving balance in standing poses.

  1. We will start from hands and knees.  Flex the toes, and sit the hips back.  Don’t feel alarmed if you feel a strong sensation, this is also fondly referred to as “toe torture.”  Stay here a couple breaths.

  2. To come out, curl the toes under, shift your hips to one side and come to a seated position.  From here move into bada konasana, bottoms of the feet touching. This next pose may seem a little strange, but hang in there with us. Interlace your toes.  When you are new to this exercise, the little toes may not cooperate, and that is okay.  Do what you can.  After a few breaths, rearrange the toes so the opposite big toe is on top.

  3. If you find this very difficult, begin by placing the fingers between the toes and eventually work your way to interlacing the toes.

  4. To come out, bring the knees towards one another, extend the legs forward and wiggle the toes.  Fan the toes wide.

These are poses you can do while hanging out or watching tv.  And they can also be used far beyond pregnancy.


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