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Kneeling Poses for Opening the Hips (Video)

Many women experience tight hips in their pregnant, so we are going to show you a few kneeling poses that are great for warm up and for opening the hips.

  1. Start out on hands and knees and bring your right foot forward.  Bend at the knee, shift the hips forward until you feel a stretch in the left hip flexer.  Be sure not to collapse in the hips and don’t go past your edge.  During pregnancy you have a lot of the hormone relaxin in the body which can make you more prone to injury if you are not moving mindfully.

  2. From here shift the hips back to straighten the front leg.  Flex the right foot so that the toes face toward the ceiling for a deeper stress in the calf.  You can stay here or rock back and forth.

  3. If you are further along in pregnancy, you can place the right leg diagonally to make more room for baby.

  4. From here, take the right leg out to the side, place the left hand onto the floor or a block.  For an extra challenge lift the right leg.  Lower the right leg to the floor, take the right hand onto the thigh and reach the left arm up and over for a stretch in the side body.

  5. Repeat on the other side!

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