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Easy Wall Flow (Video)

Welcome back to Yoga with Music City Doulas video yoga series. This week, we are focusing on easy yoga poses you can do with just one prop – a wall.

  1. Stand facing the wall, place the right hand on the wall and turn the body away from it, easing into the stretch.  Hold for several breaths and then switch sides.

  2. Next place both hands on the wall and walk the feet back until your upper body is parallel with the floor. To come out, slowly walk the feet forward and roll up slowly.

  3. Keep your hands on the wall and step the right foot back, lowering the heel toward the floor.  For an additional shoulder stretch draw the forearms to the wall.  When you are ready, switch sides.

  4. Turn to face away fro the wall, and come into a squat with your back resting against the wall. After a few breaths, lift the right foot and place it on top of the thigh.  When you are ready, switch sides.

  5. Inhale as you slowly straighten the knees.

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