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How to Rock Life with Baby

Bringing a new baby into your home is rarely ever a seamless transition. Laundry still needs to be done, dishes need to be washed, and bellies need to be fed. How can you ensure you don’t drown under the swaddles, diapers, and spit up? Systems!

“Organized” likely isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of life with a newborn, but a few simple steps could save you tons of time and sanity.

A few handy suggestions worth considering:

  1. Keep diapers/wipes/formula (basically everything your baby needs) on each level of your house. No one likes to run downstairs to get a diaper at 3am. Having things readily available and nearby will help you stay on top of your game.

  2. Pick up a lingerie bag to hold baby socks in the washer. This will help ensure you don’t end up with only one sock from a pair.

  3. Keep small stashes of snacks in places you regularly nurse. Under the coffee table, in your nightstand, and always in your purse! Staying well-fed and hydrated is paramount for breastfeeding mothers.

  4. Sort baby clothes by size and season, making it easy to swap out too-small attire and out of season pieces.

  5. Keep a master notebook of all medical / personal records such as birth certificate, social security cards, health insurance cards, etc. This will make it easy to quickly reference important information should you need it.

  6. Consider implementing strategic routines such as starting a load of laundry each day with your morning coffee. Creating small, easy to accomplish habits will help set the tone for the rest of the day, and you’ll feel so stoked to have those burp cloths washed.

Life with a new baby doesn’t mean you must live in stained sweatpants with a pile of dishes in the sink. By implementing systems, no matter how small, you can truly feel like the Wonder Woman that you are! You made a baby and you tackled those chores? Go YOU!

Of course if any of these tasks feel overwhelming or lonely, you can always call us at Music City Doulas! Our postpartum doulas are experts at everything listed above and are so eager to support you and your growing family during this chaotic time.

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