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Seamless Transitions with Southern Standard Nannies

Should I get a doula or a nanny after my baby is born?

What’s the difference between a postpartum doula and a nanny?

I love my doula so much, can’t she just be my nanny?

Transitioning from your postpartum doula to a nanny can be stressful.  You’ve already let one professional in your home during a vulnerable time in your family’s life, and you’ve gotten in a great routine together.  Not only did your doula share with you some amazing parenting hacks, listen without judgment, and affirm your choices as you found your own rhythm, your doula knows where everything in the kitchen is, how you like the clothes folded, the swaddling variation your baby prefers, and the meaning behind every squeak and grunt coming from the crib.  How long will it take for your new nanny to learn your family’s preferences?

We are pleased to be working alongside Southern Standard Nannies to bring you a smooth transition from postpartum support to nanny services.  As a doula, my postpartum clients frequently ask me before they return to work, “Can’t you just be my nanny?” It can be overwhelming to think about starting over with another professional after you have worked so closely with someone during a time you may be healing from childbirth, figuring out your new daily routines, and adjusting to your new life as a parent.  

When you are preparing to return to work, or your needs have shifted to a care giver solely for your baby, your postpartum doula will communicate with your nanny what she or he has learned working with your child.  Your doula will inform your nanny of systems you put into place together, how the baby clothes are organized, or even where the mixing bowls are kept in the kitchen.  

Just as Music City Doulas pairs our clients with the perfect doula to meet their needs, Southern Standard Nannies is dedicated to matching families with experienced, professional nannies perfectly suited to your communication style, parenting philosophy and preferences.  Laura Convery has created a thorough and top notch service for connecting parents with professional nannies who are knowledgeable, educated, and CPR and First Aid certified.  We are confident partnering with a company that serves all kinds of families and facilitates strong communication between nannies and parents.  You can have the best postpartum doula and the best nanny, with consistency of care between the two.

We understand the value of your time, and the importance of having the best for your baby.

This transition just got easier.

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